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CB1005 Ultrasonic Distance Meter
Distance Meter
Packaging Details
Packing detailsgift box
Size of mater carton:47.5x43.5x41 cm
Packing quantity :60 pcs/ctn
G.W. :13.5 kgs   N.W. :12.5 kgs
2016-01-09 15:23:10
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The Ultrasonic Laser Distance Measurer is a handy device that allows you to quick and easy measure distances and volumes using laser and ultrasound

Technology features
Range 2 to 60 ft(0.55 to 18.288m)
Accuracy 0.5%+1 digit(2-60ft)
Working frequency 40KHz
Size: 122 x 60 x 33mm
Weight: 145g(no including battery)
Power suply:9V battery
Unit of measurement :feet or meters.
Frequency: 40 kHz (ultrasonic pickup)
Working temperature: 32 °F to 109.4 °F or 0℃ to 43
Class II laser product: output<1mw。
Wavelength: 650nm (nm =nanometer)

With laser point aiming
Foot/Meter function button
LCD screen on a luminous background (blue backlight)
Auto stop: switches off if you do not press any key for 4 min.
Memory: allows you to measure and to store 3 different measures
Calculation of area and volume.
Addition and Subtraction function: allows you to add or subtract 2 measures.
Clearing of memory function: allow you to delete quickly all the measures stored.
Correction of errors: the distance measurer indicates that a distance measured is either too long, or too short.
Press READ to turn on the unit, the laser point light on, the distance betwwen the laser distance measurer and the point you measured apears.
To find the area and volume of a room, measure the length and press X/=,measure the width, then press X/=,then the square icon and the data of area appears, measure the height and press X/= the cubic icon and the data of volume appears.
The initial unit is metric, hold the SET key 3 second, the unit can switch between METRIC and IMPERIAL.
The laser distance meter turns itself off if no key is pressed within about 30 seconds.
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